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It's Not the Grand Finale, the rest will be up to us...

Tonight, many Americans will be watching what is the last of the planned January 6th Committees... I will be one of those Americans. As an American and as a Wyomingnite, I know the gravity of the situation nationally and the very complicated barriers we face here at home and that is why I am running on the Democratic ticket for the US House.

I'd like to take a moment to address the full gravity of the situation here at home as I have been talking with voters around our state.

I've met long-time politicos in Wyoming who are still only focused on one race and it's the US House race and very few of these folks know exactly who they are voting for up and down the ballot and why. Focusing on only one race and only one person is a very large part of the reason why we are watching tonight. The work we can do will still continue after tonight and we cannot afford to wait and see what the Department of Justice does.

As you are watching this evening, consider this letter shared via Twitter on July 12th by the Sheridan County Democratic Party dated January 2nd from the WYGOP. Some of these folks are also on the ballot this year. For tonight I will be watching with you, but tomorrow I will continue to work with folks around the state reminding them that it's important to look up and down the ballot- pushing back against the idea that it is only one person who is responsible for the future of our state and country.

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