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How much is your neighbor's religious freedom worth?

Maine and the rest of our country would be better off if they had talked to Wyoming years ago about how our rural education system works here. Obviously, like all complex issues, this includes so much more than we'll talk about today.

The current state superintendent of public instruction here in Wyoming wants to reject about 40 million from the Feds because of nondiscrimination policies. Whether you agree with him or not on these policies, are you willing to send this money (our money) to another state? Better yet, how much money are you willing to spend to make sure a child has food to eat at school?

The 1 cent tax proposed in the Wyoming Legislature to fund our education that later turned into a half cent conversation is still on the table and will be coming up again soon. So when "Schroeder said that Treasurer Curt Meier and "a host" of other state leaders had told him Wyoming has enough money to cover the cost of school lunches" we must ask "How?"

Some of the comments on social media suggest that parents should pay for their own children to eat at school. I understand this argument, except that not all parents pay for their child to eat at school. In fact, one of the main concerns of those working in the cafeteria was whether or not a student had enough money in their lunch account. At one point, students in Natrona County had such large lunch account balances that some were faced with not being able to graduate. Educators are faced with far too many societal responsibilities and taking away a tool as easy as feeding a student will not strengthen Wyoming schools or our Wyoming families.

Wyoming families are facing far larger issues that impact their daily lives. Wyoming politicians should focus on critical issues like hunger and funding our education and not issues that are intimate issues and best left to the student and their family. It's time for Wyoming to F.A.C.E. It and when issues like this come to D.C. I'll show them what Wyoming has done right in our education system.

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