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The formula for Change

F- Focus on We The People

When President Reagan said, "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem,” and others repeat it- we have to ask ourselves a question... “What are Americans doing so wrong, because We The People are the government.” Whether it be the school board or access to public lands, We The People must speak up and be a part of the process or we will lose our voice in what directly affects our lives.

  • In Education:

The Founding Fathers believed in the idea of a publicly funded education system. In Wyoming, we've created a system that ensures that students in Rozet have similar resources as a student in Green River. Wyoming will have to FACE IT when it comes to funding this equitable education system to continue serving our rural population and this is a problem the Wyoming State Legislature will have to solve with your help. It's time to work with instead of against our teachers and support staff in the classrooms, the school board rooms, and in Cheyenne. I'll stand firm in Washington D.C. and work with you to make sure We the People in Wyoming people FACE IT together.

  • In Healthcare:

Wyoming will have to FACE IT when it comes to our rural healthcare. The most basic needs are not being met and Wyoming deserves better. From ambulance services to maternity services and a significant increase for the need of mental healthcare, we're going to have to FACE IT together. The Wyoming Legislature hasn't heard you for years now. Let's bridge that gap together and work with the rest of the United States of America in Congress to make sure Wyoming has what we need.

  • In the workforce:

The workplace is where many of us spend most of our time and all work should be dignified. From cashiers to CEOs, no one's compensation should be an indicator as to how much a person is worth, but it should pay the bills. Collective bargaining in the workplace is the best way to ensure We The People have a voice in our economy. On behalf of our hardworking people in the state of Wyoming, we have to FACE IT together when the working people's voice becomes diluted in the name of profits over people. I'll always work with you, the Wyoming voter when it comes to the workplace.

  • Public Lands:

When folks talk about the good ol' days, Wyoming is the best place in the United States of America to experience this type of nostalgia when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. We must continue to embrace our way of life by ensuring further generations can enjoy what we have today by prioritizing ethical multiple use of our public lands now.

A - Act on behalf of all Families

Most politicians in Cheyenne believe in a traditional family structure, where a marriage between one man and one woman is best. There are many families in Wyoming who do not fit into this type of family structure and to believe that this family structure is best leaves too many Wyoming families behind. Wyoming families know best what works for their family and it's time that politicians in Wyoming trust Wyoming families to do so and this includes reproductive rights.

Wyoming families are faced with caring for elderly parents or grandparents who may be raising their grandchildren. Childcare options in Wyoming are very few especially when it comes to families who work shift work. Housing options in various communities around Wyoming are increasingly becoming out of reach. These are all problems with Wyoming solutions, unfortunately, the politicians in Wyoming continue to talk about it but refuse to act. It's time to FACE IT and act on behalf of all Wyoming families beginning in your community as a Wyoming voter, to Cheyenne, and all the way to Washington DC.

C - Compete in the Changing Economy

Wyoming has an abundance of opportunities when it comes to competing in the changing economy and it's time we FACE IT. We must stop lining the pockets of lawyers, funding companies that lay off our people and refuse to let them leave us with the bill after they destroy our land and livelihood.

We must work together to be more conservative with our money and be open to becoming a partner with the rest of the United States of America rather than an adversary. The rest of our country already benefits from Wyoming outsourcing our most important resource: Our children. When it comes to our water and energy, the rest of the country will want what Wyoming has and Wyoming is not ready to stand up to those in Washington DC to ensure Wyoming's resources benefit the Wyoming people first.

E- Expect better

When we go into restaurants we expect to have fresh food, a clean establishment, and friendly service. It's easy to look at the server and expect better service. We wouldn't drink out of a glass with a fingerprint other than our own, so why would we be okay with what is allowed to be dumped into the water sources our kids swim in or our wildlife drink from?

When we go to the gas pump and see the final price (if you're lucky enough to hear the handle click when the tank is full), it's easy to put a sticker on private property and take a picture to put on social media but it will never change the price at the pump or change the price of anything. We're going to keep paying the high price for not expecting better from the companies who make record profits while they charge high prices.

We must expect better and we will do this by holding power accountable together.

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